Virtual Caller

What do you mean by virtual calls?

Virtual call centers, or virtual contact centers (VCC), are call centers where representatives are located far from their offices. Virtual calling can be made using business VoIP software. There are no visible cell towers. A VoIP customer, voice over IP, asks their provider to assign a number in the desired area code. If someone dials that virtual number, it registers like a local call but seamlessly maps back to their actual phone number. Virtual call center workers might be located at home, in remote offices, and even at home. You can have a secure phone conversation using internet connectivity. These virtual phone calls use VoIP technology, which allows for a multimedia communication network via the internet Ajoxi can meet all your requirements to get things done Ajoxi. All budgets, All Areas of Specialization 24/7 Access Ajoxi.


While you won’t answer your telephone any differently, knowing the number will allow you to plan for the future. You can pick to answer, decline, or forward the call to voicemail. Let’s assume you’re at home working on Friday afternoon. You decide that you want to share a pizza with your entire family. Perhaps you expect a Bumblemate will call you after completing a few work tasks. The call comes. It seems like it is your future partner or the pizza delivery guy. However, the caller turns out to be the company’s CEO where you do business. With a second telephone number, it is possible to quickly screen calls and determine which messages are personal. Call screening can be described as calling the caller’s number on a telephone and then showing the caller ID. Sometimes, the caller can appear as unknown or blocked. So Lets Dial is the one for this all problem solicitation.

2. Allow Multiple Phones to forward Calls At the Same Time

An incoming call could cause your business to ring multiple numbers simultaneously. With call forwarding, simultaneous ringing is possible, but not with various phones ringing at once. It doesnâ€TMt matters if your company has multiple answering services. Any person can answer the call. Customers will no more need countless numbers to reach the company. Call forwarding allows customers to forward incoming calls to either single or multiple numbers at the same time. You can only have one phone ringing at a time. We also provide our service in this area code 508 area code, 563 area code, and many more.

3. You can work anywhere

You can work from anywhere using our business telephone service. Remote employees can work from anywhere, at any time. Remote working/Working remotely has many advantages. These benefits include both social and health. Employers or organizations can allow their employees to work remotely from anywhere. This flexible approach will enable them to be more productive and independent while keeping in touch with its culture and goals. If you want to know more, check out this Free Virtual Number App.

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